Bob Jacobson, writer and media strategist

With over 25 years of experience as a professional writer and communicator, Bob has lived the transition from hand-fed fax blasts to Twitterstorms. His expertise includes strategic communication planning for nonprofits, media outreach, and content development for both print and the web.

Prior to his work as a media consultant and strategist, Bob spent 13 years as communications director at the Wisconsin Council on Children and Families, a statewide advocacy group working to promote the health, safety and economic security of lower-income kids and families. He has also served as communications director at Forward Community Investments, a community development financial institution that supports organizations and initiatives working to reduce social, racial and economic disparities.

Along the way, Bob has written a couple of nonfiction books (including a biography of guitar whiz and inventor Les Paul for young readers), dozens of op-eds, scores of magazine articles, and hundreds of press releases. Bob is a regular contributor to Isthmus, Madison, Wisconsin’s news and arts weekly.

When Bob isn’t helping nonprofits communicate better, he can often be found inflicting his middling trumpet skills or less-than-middling guitar and vocal skills on the ears of Madison audiences.